Two Countries, Two Women

About the Book

Odile Jalbert has faced various tests and trials in her life. At fifteen, her father arranged for her to be married. But then a tragedy has hit her family. Odile finds herself and her family in a new country, learning a new language and starting a new life, but she clings to her bond of faith with God.

Alice, Odile’s eldest daughter, faces the struggle of fitting in a new environment and learning new culture. As she built her own family with the love of her life, she encounters sufferings and unbelievable losses.

Mother and daughter, two women from different generations, survive by keeping their faith and learn unconditional love along the way.

Irene Cote Single

About the Author

Irene Cote Single, who lives in Maine with her husband, sold real estate for over 3 decades and worked in various capacities. She had written a local column in a weekly paper and volunteered on church committees.


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